Chronicles of Yatish & Shilpa | Post Wedding Shoot

Johannesburg weather has been on the fritz recently with temperatures riding a seesaw, and days becoming unpredictable! After chatting to Yatish over email I decided that a a bright , carnival type of theme would compliment their fun loving personalities perfectly.  After seeing a photo of their wedding day attire, I knew I wanted this couple in front of my lens.  I imagined the beautiful South African sun blazing through the rides of Gold Reef City theme park, my decked out couple being themselves and enjoying the journey!

The day of the shoot dawned, dull and dreary with thick clouds threatening a vicious thunderstorm!  As I was only a short distance away from the theme park, I knew it would be affected by the same view I was witnessing.  With a heavy, but cautious heart I decided to postpone the session.  3pm found me standing outside in the beautiful afternoon sunshine, waving my fist at the clear blue sky as a gentle breeze mocked my tantrum!

Round 2 - This time around I was adamant that even if the morning started out cloudy, I would wait for judgement until the very last, possible minute!  That last possible minute found me pulling into the theme parks' parking lot just as thunder rolled, and lightning sliced through the skies followed by a dull thud as my head hit my steering wheel in utter disbelief! My beautiful couple arrived at the exact same time and we found ourselves at a loss!

Not one to give up so easily, sometimes you never know were you are being led, we decided to head towards the north of Johannesburg, hoping that the weather is better on that end.  We hit the highway, and the blasting rain hit us right back.  A quick detour found us siting down to a cup of coffee and discussing options.  I prayed, and prayed some more and after 20 minutes of chatting, the rain finally let up and I suggested we hit the streets of Rosebank to see what we can get.

I did not get my bright, beaming rays of sunshine but armed with helium balloons, a fun-packed couple and my trusty assistant, we made the rainy afternoon work for us!  Thank you Yatish and Shilpa for trusting in me, the laughs and and amazing images!  


Bride's make-up & Hair :  Makeup by Shoba