Rishaan & Aarti | Gujurati Wedding

Rishaan and Aarti are my kinds of people!  Down to earth and all round wholesome guys.  Ok, I know this probably describes 100% of client base, but I am amazed at every one of my couples.

Their story expands over a decade and got me thinking on how I love listening to real couples.  From Aarti growing up in one of Johannesburg's oldest neighborhoods, to Rishaan working in her dad's store: their tale sounded like a beautifully scripted drama! 

As soon as I laid eyes on Aarti, my heart literally skipped with excitement as I drank in her traditional Banarasi saree in divine deep red!  It has been ages since I have had a bride in such a saree, and I could not wait for their couple shoot later on in the day.

After a traditional Gujarati wedding with family and friends, these two set my lens on fire with their chemistry as husband and wife.  And the saree rocked!!